Proactive & reactive thinking

Emerging businesses are more impatient than others - their internal clock ticks faster.

We help you adapt to fast changing business environments

It is not the strongest specie that survives but the one responding to change


We offer know-how to help you lead.

  • Concepts: Entrepreneurs can create cutting-edge and innovative ideas that disrupt whole industries. Evolving your concepts helps you pursue wide goals.
  • Your ideas:  We use a framework to examine the innovation, and explore how to bring innovation to market.

  • Revenue plan: With your ideas ready to penetrate the market, we measure with you the financial viability of your model. We assess the business acumen of your model before launch.

small produce enterprise and owner

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, sole traders, business minded individuals, creative people with wider business goals and objectives


We support your startup ambitions.

  • Business idea: Having for years worked with startups, we know how to challenge the status-quo. We question the viability of your plan. We suggest pragmatic ideas.
  • Action plan: Execution is key. Once your model works and is ready to launch, we help you execute on a realistic timescale.

  • Innovation: With your end users and goals in mind, we develop your product and benchmark it. Through rigorous testing, we improve it and make it ready for launch.

small enterprise business meeting

Who is it for?

Individuals looking for new opportunities, tech savvy individuals, companies looking for business diversification

Growth Partner

We partner with your team for growth.

  • Mutual benefits: We offer technical resource to your organisation. We enable new business avenues that are beneficial to both. We value such relationships.
  • Revenue streams: With a wide business offering, you become valuable on the market. This generates opportunities.

  • Social Media: We drive business through social media platforms. Social media plays a key role for us, and we support your business by giving you a greater online exposure.

2 people brainstorm startup ideas over coffee

Who is it for?

Startups and micro enterprises, creative people with breakthrough ideas, niche players with key market knowledge

yechte understands small businesses

We understand the commercial reality of small enterprises and startups

Streamline your business operations

Startups have a definite need to operate quickly without distraction.  

Planning your operations becomes of prime importance. When we work with smaller companies, we put emphasis on setting a tight but realistic timescale. Your project deliverables always remain our priority.

We apply bootstrapping and lean management strategies, where execution remains a priority and least expenditure made. The purpose is to achieve the most business growth at an optimised cost. 

Notebook with the text strategy meeting - increase revenue

Grow your business incrementally

To emerge on the big scene you have to prepare a successful entry. 

It requires hard work to get ready for market. This is how yechte can help:

  • SWOT analysis of your business to identify key challenges ahead
  • Work around your budget, setting realistic financial targets
  • Staged launch plan around your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Revisions and upgrade strategies post launch
  • Data monitoring, process adjustments and improvement
team sharing business notes and strategies

100+ companies work with yechte to grow their businesses.

Join us and grow your startup company rapidly.