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Added Value Outsourcing

Outsourcing increases competitiveness.

This philosophy benefits many that see outsourcing as an excellent model to reduce costs. It gives them the competitive edge.

Resources availability often creates a "make or break"  scenario. Thus, the outsourcing model is suitable for business expansion. It cuts down your expenses but also provides value by way of enormous experience for end-to-end application development, integration and support services. Our Offshore Staffing model is the most efficient way to reduce your expenses.

offshore research staff member in office setting

Who is it for?

Profit maximising companies, distressed companies looking for better ROI, companies managing ailing costly assets.

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IT Offshore Staffing

Improve your company's bottom line.

  • Hire dedicated IT professionals working on specific technologies at better rates

  • Enjoy extra resources without the risk of an uncontrolled office expansion

  • Train and use your in-house staff on more profitable and productive jobs

  • Embrace a flexible business model that allows you to speed up your delivery

  • Save on recruitment, staff training and improve your company's bottom line

competitive IT offshore office with high staff productivity

Who is it for?

Small to medium size enterprises, growing businesses scaling up, companies looking to reduce their operating costs.

R&D Campaign

Grow through "affordable innovation".

  • Based on your requirements we list candidates and conduct interviews

  • Rates based on programming experience, scope and duration of the campaign

  • We consult on strategy implementation, and work with your team from the start

  • You track the offshore team anytime throughout our communication channels

  • We handle the human resources, recruitment and payroll for your team

collage of company international engagement meetings and notes

Who is it for?

Companies looking at new markets, companies mitigating business change, companies investing in innovation.

100+ companies work with yechte to grow their businesses.

Join us and make the most out of the global flat economy.