Tailored business models

We work closely with you and assign the right people to the right tasks.

We seek value rather than firm affiliation or financial compensation

Learn about our Agile Methodology, Quality Assurance and Venture Opportunities

Agile Methodology

When all parties involved are aligned.

ENGAGEMENT:  Relationship building / Scope definition / Resources / Sprint planning session

DEVELOPMENT: Iterative development / Production information / Communication / Refinements / Reviews / SIT / WAST / UAT

COMPLETION: Feedback collection / Defects fix / Launch / Maintenance / Financial analysis / Return On Investment (ROI)

We plan our project sprints using collaborative tools and set the project deliverables.

collection of agile working productivity diagrams

What is it ideal for?

Iterative software development cycles and project sprints, where focus remains on the deliverables and stakeholders' ROI

Quality Assurance (QA)

Your stability is our biggest concern.

Through evaluations, reviews and open-ended feedback collection, we maintain a lean project environment. By following Agile principles, we track your project in parallel to the scope of work, using modern methodologies.

We operate a 5 stages top-to-bottom review before issue. We thus minimise the risk of bugs and defects. Once we have identified the final issues, we then treat them. We start the QA testing and make your project ready for its User Acceptance Test (UAT).

user testing quality assurance on laptop

What is it ideal for?

Ongoing monitoring, software quality assurance (QA), bugs and defects fixing. Project readiness and User Acceptance Test (UAT)

Venture Opportunities

We always plan for "win-win" situations.

Over the years we have seen unique business opportunities generated from joint ventures with our partners. These strategic alliances allow us to enter specific markets. We can then develop unique business prospects with you.

Our methodology for joint ventures is based on creating business dynamics where all parties complement each other. We appreciate that companies grow around strong philosophies and ethos. We aim to respect this throughout our venture creation process.

people engaged in venture business meeting

What is it ideal for?

Joint venturing opportunities, growth partner. Revenue share models, formulation of business plans and financial roadmaps

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