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Media and entertainment in the digital space

The access and consumption of digital media is growing tremendously

Media Solutions

The effective use of digital media.

  • Brand identity: Developing a strong and consistent brand, defining the values and statements of your brand. Creating the logo and visual assets, creating your brand's design guidelines and content.
  • Motion graphics: Creating high-end promotional and infomercial digital animations for web broadcasting. Optimising your digital content.

  • Advertisement: Developing a coherent digital strategy to promote your business through email campaigns, corporate press releases. Developing promotional microsites and dynamic online advertisement campaigns.

Entertainment Models

Entertainment digitises globally.

  • Distribution: Creating the portals and platforms to push your digital content to your devices, such as TV sets, Smartphones and Tablets. Managing content and offering technical support.

  • Revenue streams: Enjoy large information transfer channels, create new revenue streams to transfer content through new user interfaces.

  • Added value: Integration and management of content, back-end support and content development. Marketing campaign and distribution models, website development and deployment through our CMS.

Business Gamification

The work place as an entertaining place.

  • Gamified Business: Transforming your business with compelling engagement models that revolve around good-natured participation of employees. Gamify your business over long term goals.

  • Gratification: Reward your workforce by multiplying incentives for improved performance in your work place. Track and adapt your model.

  • Staff Matrix: Create the digital environment for increased interaction between employees. Personify the employee at the level of the corporation where interactions between peers are recorded, dignified and magnified.

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Media Application

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Spread your content creatively

The sharing strategy that allows you to spread your content.

Through the use of APIs, we develop a sharing strategy that helps you spread your word online to a wider audience. This strategy gives you a robust online footprint to engage with your audience better.

We leverage microsites, entertaining online media channels, creative newsletters, advertisement campaigns and interactive polls to spread the word. This becomes the engine to nurture a "brand ambassador" culture.

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Become more engaged in a fun workplace

Introducing game-design principles to improve the work place.

yechte develops playful applications for the work environment that retains your staff engaged. Through various applications, we gamify your workplace which turns co-workers into active participants.

Gamification uses an empathy-based approach for introducing and operating a service that allows players to enter a gamely experience to support value creation for the players and other stakeholders.

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