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      A digital strategy built around intelligent and dynamic data

      Know more and achieve more with clearly defined key performing indicators


      Business Analysis (BA)

      Our business acumen helps us plan the ROI roadmap.

      The decreasing cost of technology means that as soon as you operate, you have pressure to create enduring competitive advantage. Failure to respond to technological environments makes you more vulnerable to competition. But outspending others isn't necessary. 

      Instead, we believe that efficient Business Analysis is key to building a healthy ROI. We frame your business requirements, define your project's business cases and structure your non-functional and functional specifications. The combination of these elements is essential for your digital delivery in an ever-expanding technological environment.

       tablet image of professional formulating roi roadmap


      User Experience (UX)

      User-centred approach to drive engagement and conversions.

      Our User Experience (UX) services help you build applications that embody three key design outcomes – ease of use, engagement level and simplification of service to its core function. From the definition phase to the interactive prototyping of your business ideas. 

      We provide a complete ecosystem of UX services, from the wireframe design, graphical mock-ups and interaction design to platform-specific benchmarking. By focusing on your business fundamentals and key user stories, we deliver UX services that maximise the value of your brand and products without compromising on the integrity of your business identity.

       UX interactive designer creating a prototype

      Business Analysis and Process Mapping

      We rationalise complex business processes into very clear digital solutions

      Request For Proposal (RFP)

      When solicitation starts, we compile the data needed for procurement.

      Our Information Technology services help address evolving business and technology challenges. We define, design and build applications tailored to meet your business requirements. We aim to deliver high quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, secure and easy to deploy.

      We follow industry-standard Agile best practices to mitigate risks and deliver cost benefits. Following our Business Analysis consultancy work, we set together a Statement Of Work (SOW), a set of deliverable and a quoted proposal for the deployment of your successful online strategies. This rigorous method that helps us define clear goals.

       two businessmen shaking hands and coming to an understanding

      Project Management (PM)

      We offer Agile Project Management and technology support.

      Engagement: Joint planning session, sprint planning, capacity and batch monitoring, management, resources, project tasks.
      Production: Problem management and solving, trend analysis. Root cause analysis, known error establishment, glitches and break-fixes.
      Release: Setting up test environments, release and activities coordination. Emergency releases, build and code deployment, releases calendar, configuration management.

      Modernisation: Modernisation service to legacy systems, minimise disruption and lower costs. Addressing issues such as different technology platforms, high maintenance cost and lack of integration.

      team conducting a joint planning session