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Create the content and social media strategies to engage better with your audience

Content Strategy (CS)

Establish the content strategy that solidifies your message online.

Better content means you do better business. We remain consistent when creating your content strategy, by defining the essential structure for your online content. So how can we create and realise the value of your online content? This is how yechte can help:

  • Define the content strategy and its core message
  • Define the processes to use for your strategy
  • Make informed decisions on how to manage your content
  • Build a business case for your content strategy
  • Sustain, iterate and enrich your content over time
 tablet image of content strategy draft

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Create excellent content that solidifies your position online.

SEO helps you remain relevant and visible to your audience. We deploy the SEO strategies to maximise your online ranking and grow your network. Long term SEO strategies can help you reach critical mass. T his is how yechte can help:

  • Conduct a full website audit and multi-lingual SEO strategy 
  • Smart tagging, precise Metadata and search engine prioritisation
  • Inwards and outwards link building, optimised media streams 
  • Keywords testing, connecting you to wider search engines crawlers 
  • Performance monitoring and adaptability of your content
tablet image of laptop showing global presence map

Digital Marketing and Growth Techniques

We make the good become great, with bespoke digital marketing strategies

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM opens incredible avenues for greater exposure online.

Through the use of active marketing techniques on leading Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can create unique opportunities for an improved engagement with your audience. This is how yechte can help:

  • Social Media channels analysis
  • Online communication optimisation and behaviour analysis
  • Blog, API integration and online marketing
  • Traffic, engagement and click-through rate monitoring
  • Performance, traffic and conversion rate monitoring
tablet image of social engine marketing strategy diagram

Growth Hacking

"Guerrilla  Warfare" techniques to grow quicker than competition.

Use the fast lane through various enhanced techniques to grow quicker than your competition without specific marketing budgets. Growth hacks give you the edge through digital channels by maximising impact online. This is how yechte can help :

  • Automated social media flow of news
  • Online social hacks and trends analysis
  • Automated email campaign strategies
  • Blogging posts generation and minified links
  • Browser plugins and free online tools
guerrilla warfare marketing and growth hacking techniques