We grow in a sustainable way

We want to outgreen competition and make the world around us healthier.

Become Sustainable

The world is so connected that people see how we affect it

We believe this to be a great opportunity for sustainable differentiation

How we affect the environment

As responsible citizens, we ought to respect our environment.
Although the definition of "environment" can be wide and large, as far as we are concerned, it encapsulates all the incidences of our operating and supply model. More specifically, it concerns our local actions and our global impact. This has helped us bring in focus clear CSR initiatives. 

We support clean energy and waste management solutions. 
Over our 5 years of operations, we have been able to reduce our electricity consumption by half. This is not enough yet, so we take further measures to improve our waste and energy situation over time. We aim to become a carbon-neutral company by 2020.

Our focus areas for CSR initiatives

  • Personal Support: understanding their demands and concerns. Monitoring personal growth. We encourage equality and diversity.

  • Waste Management: consciousness about consumption. Recycling as much as possible. We try to lower our waste and work with local authorities to improve the efficiency of our recycling programme.

  • Energy Consumption: lowering our energy consumption, reducing our carbon footprint. We use clean tech such as Solar and LED lighting to improve our operations. We encourage public transports.

The many good things yechte does

Through various local and global actions, we aim to make the world better

Local Clean Actions

The little things we do close to home

Investing In People

investors in people logo

We champion best practice in the UK for staff management by following the Investors In People performance framework.

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Managing Waste

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We take part in recycling programmes. We try to dispose our waste in a respectable form and work towards reducing our waste year on year.

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Equippers Church

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We partner with Equippers Church. Equippers Church's vision is simple but by no means small: to equip people through faith in Christ.

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Global Clean Actions

The wider things we do far from home

Supporting Causes

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When moved or touched by a cause, we offer support to programmes we like. We support our peers' endeavours through donations.

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Worldwide Trees Planting

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We have worked years with an NGO to plant trees in Asia. Trees are essential to maintain stable seasons and combat climate change.

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Slum Children Education

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We work with Building Blocks, a kindergarten that gives slum children in Bangalore access to education, food and daily healthcare.

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100+ companies work with yechte to grow their businesses.

Join us and make the world around us more sustainable.