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Belgian Meditation Society
The Belgian Meditation Society (BMS) was founded in 1987 under the guidance of Gururaj Ananda Yogi to promote his universal meditation techniques. We are a non-profit, non-sectarian organisation providing personalised individually taught meditation techniques. A range of instruction is available including meditation for beginners to advanced practitioners. Meditation is effortless and opens the heart and mind. Located in the heart of Brussels, we teach in French, English, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese.
Created in 2008, BetaGroup is a non-profit organisation and a community that connects entrepreneurs, investors and startups from the tech/web industry. With more than 8.600 members, BetaGroup gathers passionate people about internet, new technology, emarketing and online media. From students to graphic designers or emarkers, BetaGroup provides a platform for startups and entrepreneurs who want to demo their products and services to the community. By joining BetaGroup you will get new contacts, direct feedbacks, idea validation from your peers. Also, you will be able to pitch and share your products and services. At last, you will have the opportunity to look for partners and get extra visibility in the press.
BuSI Ltd
The BuSI group consists of solid and dynamic IT service companies established in Belgium and Luxembourg and also active in France. The Belgian parent company has experienced extremely rapid growth since its creation. Founded in 2002 by Bernard t’Kint, Administrator and Director at «Ernst & Young», BuSI has grown at a steady pace over the past ten years, building its reputation on the quality of its collaborators. Awarded by «Trends Tendances» as a fast growing company, BuSI received the title of «Gazelle» in 2011 for small businesses in Brussels and received the same title for medium businesses in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Aware to maintain its momentum, BuSI has climbed further still the growth ladder and in 2013 was awarded by «Datanews» first place «ICT Gazelle» for medium sized businesses.
European Banking Federation in Brussels
The European Banking Federation is the voice of the European banking sector, uniting 32 national banking associations in Europe that together represent some 4,500 banks – large and small, wholesale and retail, local and international – employing about 2.5 million people.

EBF members represent banks that make available loans to the European economy in excess of €20 trillion and that securely handle more than 300 million payment transactions per day.

Launched in 1960, the EBF is committed to creating a single market for financial services in the European Union and to supporting policies that foster economic growth.
Internet Architects
We are firm believers in long-term and durable digital strategies. We cater to the needs of our customers with a wide range of marketing, e-commerce and customer care solutions.
JAM Properties
Votre conseiller immobilier JAM, spécialisé dans des matières importantes lors d'une transaction immobilière. JAM Properties est composé d’une équipe administrative et technique dévouée à la gestion de votre patrimoine immobilier allant d’un appartement à plusieurs immeubles. Nos connaissances dans le marché immobilier locatif nous permettent de pérenniser votre capital immobilier. Ainsi toute intervention travaux sera entourée par nos équipes de travaux qui sont encadré par un technicien de notre agence.
Odoo S.A.
Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. Odoo's unique value proposition is to be at the same time very easy to use and fully integrated.
Smals asbl
Smals soutient et seconde les organismes du secteur social et du secteur des soins de santé - ainsi que d’autres services publics à leur demande - dans leur gestion de l'information afin qu’ils puissent offrir une prestation de services efficace et effective à leurs utilisateurs. Smals met ses compétences à disposition pour être réutilisées dans le but de générer des effets d’échelle mutuels et une plus grande valeur ajoutée.

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