How FinTechs can lower their Customer Acquisition Cost

08/12/2016 19:00 to 08/12/2016 23:00 (Europe/Brussels)

Brussels, Belgium

How FinTechs can lower their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).Startup life-lessons from the marketing trenches in B2C and B2B.

Upon popular request from our FinTech members, we're organising an evening with real-world testimonials and original campaign ideas to lower the Customer Acquisition Cost for your FinTech in order to scale up cost efficiently.
FinTechs spend fortunes in marketing to attract and convert prospects into customers for their innovative niche products and services. During our evening gathering our speakers will inspire you with some of their past success stories and expensive failures. Lost marketing battles and acquisition victories will be shared with the audience.
Ironically the financial incumbents already own privileged access to these "underserved" FinTech prospects, being their loyal customers. Classic banks seem well placed to integrate or cross sell successful FinTech products, but seem reluctant to partner up and "open up" their customer base to fast innovation.
We'll close the evening with a panel discussion during which Fintech executives, bank marketeers and academic industry experts share their views.
The names of our panelists and speakers will be updated over the next 2 weeks.
As usual, we'll welcome you with a drink at 18:00,
launch the speeches at 19:00,
and finish with a nice networking drink from 20:30 until 22:00.


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From 08/12/2016 19:00
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European Banking Federation in Brussels
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